User Guides & Fact Sheets

On this page you will find information and resources regarding the NCTracks system, in the form of fact sheets and user guides on a variety of topics.

User Guides

The following User Guides are intended to provide step-by-step instructions to complete a variety of common provider activities.  The guides are organized by major topic areas to facilitate ease of use. 



Fact Sheets

Below are various fact sheets to use as quick and easy references for key topics. Download, print, and post these to refer to in the office.


At certain times, the NCTracks team may need to email files with Protected Health Information (PHI) to providers.  To comply with HIPAA regulations regarding privacy and security, those files must be sent encrypted. One of the applications used by NCTracks to encrypt files containing PHI is ZixMail.  ZixMail is a free third party application maintained by ZixCorp.

If you receive a ZixMail email message, go to the ZixMail website and click on the 'Register" button to create a Zix Mail account.


PDF documents on this page require the free Adobe Reader to view and print.