Reminder- Suspension Due to Re-credentialing

As noted in previous communication on NCTracks and the Medicaid Bulletin, every active provider must be re-credentialed. Providers will receive a letter through their NCTracks secure Message Center Inbox on the Provider Portal when they are scheduled to begin the re-credentialing process. If the provider does not complete the process within the allotted 45 days, the provider record will be suspended until the re-credentialing application or Manage Change Request (MCR) has been submitted. Suspension of the provider record will cause payment to suspend.

If an MCR is in "review" status on the re-credentialing due date, the system will automatically reset the due date of the re-credentialing to 30 days from the current date. Therefore, as long as an MCR is in review, the account will not suspend due to re-credentialing. Once the MCR is approved, the re-credentialing application must be completed by the due date or the provider record will be suspended.

Once a provider record is suspended, the suspension will not be lifted until the re-credentialing application or a MCR has been submitted. Providers who have been suspended should follow the instructions in the letter to complete the re-credentialing process.

Note: If your provider record has been suspended, you have 30 days to get the MCR completed and re-credentialing submitted or your provider record will be terminated. There will be no extension of the due date after the record has been suspended. If a provider is terminated, they must submit a re-enrollment application to be reinstated.

For additional information on the re-credentialing process, see the Provider Re-credentialing/Re-verification webpage on the NCTracks Provider Portal. (The NCTracks Call Center does not have further instructions beyond what is in the letter.)